KAMALIA - Farmers started building a 3km long safety wall along bank of River Ravi on self-help basis to save their lands from destruction of floods and river bank erosion.

According to the report of a survey conducted by this reporter, agricultural lands and crops worth billions of rupees were destroyed in past couple of decades due to floods and erosion by River Ravi. During the survey, farmers and landowners living along bank of Ravi told this correspondent that the government did not provided any sort of financial aid to the affected farmers despite tall claims regarding their rehabilitation and building embankment on the river bank to end the issue once and for all. These farmers have now started construction of a 3km long safety wall along the river which will serve as embankment to save their land from floods. Half of the wall, they said, has been completed and the work on the entire wall will be completed well ahead of monsoon season. They said that a committee has also been formed in this regard.

Members of the committee, Fiaz Fatyana, Rana Mohammad Irshad and Mansha said that the government provided Rs5,000 per acre to the farmers, victims of drought and flood-hit areas. But the government has not announced any policy to help the farmers whose agricultural lands were destroyed by erosion caused by Ravi River. They said that no politician or local representative ever bothered help them so, they have started construction of the safety wall on self-help basis to save their lands, cattle and lives of people from floods.

Solution to lawyers,

litigants' woes assured

A delegation comprising citizens from all walks of life called on the Kamalia Tehsil Bar Association (TBA) president and apprised him of the problems, litigants and lawyers are faced with at tehsil courts.

TBA president Mehr Yasin Darsana was apprised of unavailability of shade and cold drinking water for litigants on the court premises. People told him that many of the lawyers do not have chambers and work under open sky in the hot season. Sweepers also do not perform their duty regularly and there are piles of garbage on the court premises, they added. Mr Darsana assured the people of resolving their woes.

Later speaking to mediamen, he said that these complaints were already under consideration and will be addressed soon.