KASUR - The Livestock Department has failed to relieve the cattle farmers of their problems as veterinary doctors either remain absent from hospitals or deny proper check-up of cattle.

This was crux of complaints made by cattle farmers belonging to different areas of the district during a survey conducted by this reporter.

They pointed out that veterinary doctors have been posted here for treatment of their cattle and they should be bound to remain at hospitals during official hours. But doctors remain absent from duty, they regretted. "It becomes so annoying when we reach a veterinary hospital or laboratory after travelling long distances in extremely hot weather but find no doctor there," they expressed their displeasure. And if they are found, they do not examine the cattle properly, they alleged. They said that farmers' livelihood is based on cattle and therefore they required proper guidance of doctors for treatment of their animals. But instead of guiding properly, doctors treat farmers rudely, asking them to come other day.

Moreover, veterinary hospitals and laboratories in the district also lack the requisite medicines and equipment. They demanded the government to take notice of the doctors' apathy and ensure requisite medicines and equipment in veterinary hospitals.