UPPER DIR -  With the world observing the May Day on Monday like every year with renewed pledges for welfare of labourers and new announcements are being made, however, the rhetoric makes little difference in the lives of the labourers who even go out to work on the day when others rest in their name.

Majority of the labouring class individuals even do not know about the Labour Day, as evident in the case of one Naik Muhammad, who was busy labouring on May 1st as well. Naik said he was about ten years old when he started labouring while now he is 50 years old and still working hard to meet both ends.

The only difference these forty years brought for him was that first he worked to feed his parents and siblings while now he is earning bread for his eight kids.

“I want to feed my eight kids and a wife, I don’t know regarding the May Day as I have not observed it ever,” Naik said.

Naik belongs to a mountainous village in Hatan Dara of Upper Dir. “When I started work at that time Rs2 per day was wages of a labourer” he said. He said that his father was poor and ill and was unable to feed them due to which he could not attend a school.

Naik said that he wished to get education but poverty kept him uneducated. He is living in his uncle’s single-room mud house along with his children. It is difficult for him to entertain a guest owing to lack of space, he said.

The poor man while narrating his story said that he does not even spend a free day at his home. He said he wanted to send his children in good schools but owing to poverty he could not. “I have not stretched hands in front of others for alms in my whole life but have belief in God that He will be giving food to me and my children”, Naik said.

He appealed to well-off people to help the poor and give them their wages on time as they have no other resources.

Like Naik, thousands of other labourers are also unaware of the Labour Day and were busy in their work on May 1st in the district. Mostly the children were seen busy in auto-mechanic shops, hotels and other such places. And others spent quite a leisure time to show solidarity with these 365-year a day labourers.