ATTOCK - District Council Attock Chairperson Eman Waseem has said that the workforce was toiling and sweating for the development of the country but it was deprived of the rights guaranteed in the constitution.

She was speaking at a seminar held in Jinnah Hall Attock in connection with the Labour Day on Monday.

“Let us take this opportunity to express our earnest appreciation and gratitude to our workforce who are the pulse of development and progress of Pakistan,” she said reminding the participants that the purpose of marking the day was to pay rich tribute to those who had sacrificed their life for recognition of rights of labourers.

PWD Workers Union Chairman Rana Faisal Ali Khan, All Pakistan Labour Union Chairman Manzoor Elahi, Union Council Malowali Chairman Malik Riaz-u-Din and other office-bearers of labour unions were also present.

Eman said that the Labour Day celebration was a befitting display of respect for those workers who sacrificed their life for the rights of labourers and to those who have contributed to the growth of the country. 

“This day should be viewed as an important day where we recognise the function and the role the workers play in the development of the country,” she said.

Eman said that the changing landscape of the world today has also changed the role of workers. She said that May 1 was declared as a public holiday in 1972 by Pakistan to express solidarity with workers when first labour policy was devised. “Pakistan is a member of the ILO and has so for ratified 36 ILO conventions. The constitution also guarantees the rights of the labourers but it is regretted that these rights are not given in true sense,” she said.

She assured the participants that as chairperson she would utilise all resources and efforts for the welfare of the labourers.

Chairman Rana Faisal and others said that today the labourers were passing through a miserable life because of financial problems as they were not given their rights. They said that the salary they get did not commensurate to the ever increasing inflation.

They said if the elected representatives did not stop the exploitation of the labourers an unending protest will be launched across the country to get rights. 

In today’s inflation, how can a labourer meet his both ends with such a meagre salary,” Rana Faisal said.

He said that on the one hand labourers were considered the backbone of the country but on the other hand, everyone was refusing to give them their rights and facilities. He demanded that the children of the labourers should be given jobs on a priority basis at the district level.

He urged the workforce to get united to get their denied rights.

Earlier, a rally organised by the All Pakistan PWD Workers Union was taken out to pay homage to those who sacrificed their lives for the rights of the labourers. The rally was taken out from PWD Workers Union office and concluded at Jinnah Hall Attock. The participants of the rally were holding placards and banners inscribed with different slogans demanding their rights.