An application is being submitted in Lahore High Court (LHC) to investigate Imran Khan’s claim of Rs. 10 billion offered as a bribe to him.

According to Waqt News, the applicant, Advocate Rana Azeem, argued that this is a very serious statement by PTI chairman and the nation is also taking it very seriously.

“A judicial inquiry should be launched in this regard,” demanded the applicant.

He also mentioned that this statement by Imran Khan has shaken the national politics and this is not a small allegation on ruling party, it must be investigated.

PTI chairman claimed that he was offered Rs. 10 billion as bribe to keep silence on Panama Leaks issue. Imran Khan claimed that individual who offered is a business man bases in Lahore.

After the statement, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced to take Khan to court over this ‘severe’ allegation.

In response, Imran Khan said that he will reveal name of businessman in court, if Sharif brothers decided to take legal action against him.

The sources have stated that ruling party, PML-N, is mulling on taking Imran Khan to court in this issue.