LAHORE  -The national highways and motorway police Monday claimed to have seized huge cache of automatic weapons from a car in Sheikhupura district.

A police spokesman said the driver fled from the scene after parking the vehicle alongside the motorway. Police sources said the driver escaped soon after his car hit another vehicle. Later, patrolling officers recovered firearms stashed under the rear seats of the vehicle as they responded to the accident.

During the search, police recovered over 100 automatic guns and pistols from the car. The driver, not identified yet, left Islamabad for Lahore to smuggle weapons but the attempt was foiled following the accident. The police also impounded the car. Later, the vehicle and weapons were handed over to the district police for further investigations.

The spokesman said that the police seized at least 50 automatic guns (30-bore), nine automatic guns (222), four guns (223-bore), 35 guns (30-bore) and 9mm pistols. Police sources believe the firearms were being smuggled to some dealers in Lahore.

Police were working to identify and arrest the car owner.

The Sheikhupura district police yesterday filed a criminal case against the driver and launched the investigations to smash the network of fire arms smugglers. No arrest was made till late Monday night.