ISLAMABAD - PBG Kalabagh 4 defeated President Bodyguards by 10-5 in the Serena Hotels Polo Cup 2017 final here at Islamabad Polo Club on late Sunday night.

French Ambassador Martine Dorance graced the final as chief guest while MNA Mailk Abrar Hussian and others were also present on the occasion. It was festivity all-around as the final attracted an audience of more than 500 guests as members of the diplomatic corps, government officials, heads of corporations and dignitaries were delighted to attend the annual Polo Cup for the fourth consecutive year.

The five-day tournament began with preliminary matches between PBG Kalabagh 4, Habib Metro Lions, Asean Black and Asean Red. The final was played between PBG Kalabagh 4 and President’s Bodyguard, which the former comfortably won by 10-5 as they dominated the entire four chukkers and never allowed their opponents to stand any chance of staging comeback.

The event was sponsored by Serena Hotels under the Sports Diplomacy Initiative, which sought to encourage sports as a healthy activity in Pakistan and aimed to form a platform for the local community, corporate and development sectors, government officials and diplomats to share their love for sports.

Speaking on the occasion, Serena Hotels CEO Aziz Boolani said: “Sports impact a plethora of public arenas, coincide with community values and reaffirm key social values for athletes especially but also the spectators. Serena Hotels is proud to be associated with numerous sports initiatives which promote wellbeing and inclusion through healthy activities.”

In the grand prize distribution ceremony, the winning team of the Serena Hotels Polo Cup 2017 was awarded the prestigious trophy.