GUJRANWALA - Dacoits and thieves rule the roost in Gujranwala as dozens of citizens were deprived of cash, gold ornaments, vehicles and other valuables in 17 theft and robbery incidents occurred in different areas during past 48 hours.

Police sources said that three armed men snatched Rs30,000 and a cellphone from Nawaz in the Sabzi Mandi Police precincts while in Aroop area, bandits looted Rs20,000 and a cellphone from Bashir. In jurisdiction of the Garjakh Police, Irshad was intercepted by dacoits and deprived of Rs10,000, a motorcycle and cellphone at gunpoint while in remit of the Emanabad Police, robbers looted Rs80,000, a gold locket, cellphone from Irshad and his family. In Alipur Chattha, armed men snatched Rs125,000 and a cellphone from Murad while Fakhir was deprived of Rs60,000 and a cellphone. In the Kotwali Police precincts, swindlers took away Rs30,000 and a cellphone from Ismail while in Nowshera Virkan, Yasir and his family was intercepted by armed men and deprived of Rs25,000, gold ornaments and cellphones. In Tatliwali, bandits looted Rs70,000, gold ornaments and cellphones from Bilal and his family while in Wazirabad Saddr area, dacoits took away Rs40,000, a cellphone and gold ring from Parvez.

On the other hand, unidentified thieves swept the houses of Naveed and Ejaz. Similarly, car of Hafeezullah and motorcycles of Tahir and Imran were stolen from different places.

Police have registered cases and launched investigation.