ISLAMABAD -  The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has accused the prime minister of promoting his image and of his family through the foreign office in the wake of Panama leaks.

The party has questioned how can the Foreign Office under the “directives of the prime minister, ask Pakistani missions abroad to defend Sharif family in the Panama leaks case."

In a letter written to the secretary to the prime minister, senior PTI leader Andleeb Abbas, under Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002, has sought replies to some questions regarding “PM's directives” to the FO to portray his positive image internationally in the wake of Panama leaks.

The PTI in the letter claimed that the PM had issued such directives.

The letter under the heading of "Information regarding misuse of Pakistani missions to defend Sharif family in Panama leaks" says that the FO, missions and embassies serve national interest within Pakistan and overseas.

"[The] prime minister has conducted serious breach of public trust by abusing these offices to protect Sharif family," the letter states.

The letter written to embassies instructing them to project the PM instead of Pakistan reinforces the verdict of the Panama leaks that PM was no more sincere and honest to the people of Pakistan, it says.

Pakistan has 67 embassies and 60 consulates world over and the FO budget for the fiscal year 2016-2017 has increased up to 500 million rupees as compared to 30 million rupees of the previous fiscal year, the PTI said in the letter.

Does this 1,600 per cent increase in the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs meant to promote PM and Sharif family?, the letter asks.

The PTI further questions that the FO had spent 822 million rupees for the purchase of 35 high security vehicles and 107 million rupees had been given to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for the construction of Kazakhstan embassy in Islamabad.

The PTI has sought certified copies of the details of the above expenditures. It said that since this amount had not been approved by the parliament, the allocation amounts to corruption and violation of the constitution. Why has the PM’s letter to the embassies been untruthful in its content and facts. It asks embassies to defend by saying that Panama leaks is a conspiracy of the opposition parties, PTI letter points out.

The international community knows that the ICIJ published details of Sharif family's stolen money and thus by doing so the PM has made Pakistan a laughing stock in the eyes of the international community, the letter said.

The letter poses another question saying why the PM in the letter has given instruction to project him personally as a lone warrior against terrorism. This is completely undermining the role of the armed forces and the political parties who have been major players in this war.

The PTI concluded that the FO letter was another foreign policy disaster at a very heavy financial cost to the taxpayer and very damaging for the image of Pakistan. Andleeb has sought certified copies of all such information within 21 days under the Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002.