LODHRAN - The policemen were ordered to deal sternly with the wheelie-doers and those who do not wear helmets while riding motorcycle. DPO Asad Sarfraz Khan issued the orders while distributing helmets to the traffic cops and Tiger Squad officials here the other day.

He directed the police officials to wear helmets during riding motorbike, saying it protects from serious head injuries which can save one's life. He also urged the public to adhere to the traffic rules to avoid road accidents. He warned the youth to avoid doing wheelies. "Whenever women ride motorcycle, they should make sure that their Abaya could not get into chains or motorbike wheels which often cause accidents," he advised. The DPO pointed out that the traffic rules, no matter how trivial they may seem, should be adhered to as they are devised to ensure smooth traffic flow and reduce accidents.

He also sought public cooperation in this regard, saying traffic rules cannot be implemented unless people cooperate with police.