ISLAMABAD, (APP) - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said an accountability bill would be brought to the Parliament and national institutions would be strengthened to curb corruption in the society. Speaking in an online television programme hosted jointly by PTV and a private TV channel, the Prime Minister said he had been hearing about corruption since he joined politics and every government had faced corruption charges, but the allegations were denied. The governments of Muhammad Khan Junejo, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto were removed on charges of corruption, he added. It was very easy to raise the issue of corruption, he said adding, the judiciary is independent and if somebody had any proof of corruption, he could go to the courts and relevant quarters. He recalled that leaders, who were in the frontline of Pakistan Movement had also faced corruption charges, but such allegations were not leveled against the dictators. The Prime Minister said politicians along with judiciary, military bureaucracy and civil bureaucracy were part of the society, which was confronted with the issue of corruption. Those who were talking about bringing assets from abroad were playing to the gallery, he said adding no politician can contest elections without declaring his assets before the election officials. Supreme Judicial Council checks corruption in judiciary and army has its own mechanism to stop the practice. National Accountability Bureau (NAB), judiciary and media look out for corruption and Prime Minister and federal ministers are answerable to both houses of parliament. Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly is headed by Leader of the Opposition, he added. Gilani said in democracy, it is right of parties to hold public meetings and rallies provided it is not inconvenient to the people. But these processions cannot bring change as dynamics of elections are different, he observed. He said there should be code of ethics in politics and red lines should not be crossed and language should be such that it hurts nobody. The Prime Minister said it is right of the opposition to embarrass and criticize the government and its viewpoint should be respected.