As Edi-ul-Azha is nearing, butchers are preparing to make hay while the sun shines. In the absence of any code of law or mandatory training for butchers, one cannot differentiate between an unskilled butcher and a skilled one. Due to dearth of slaughter houses, apprentice, unskilled, semi-skilled and totally untrained people, jump into this profession to make a quick buck during the three days of Eid. It is hard to imagine the agony one feels while dealing with such untrained and unskilled butchers. It has also been observed that a majority of the unemployed youth venture into slaughtering sacrificial animals and try to gain experience so that they may earn more on next Eid. Sometimes, people who are lured by the low rates offered by inexpercienced butchers, non-availability of skilled butchers and in a bid to have an early go for sacrifice, repent for rest of day. Further, on such occasions, people in big cities are mostly left at the mercy of butchers who charge at will, ask for their share of the meat, and even try to take away the skin, as well as head and paws, of the sacrificial animals. There is no set limit of charging the slaughter fee. Three to four thousand are charged by expert butchers for a single goat, while the novices are satisfied with whatever they are offered. But this saving results into major loss, as novices mince the meat with the bones and make it, most of the time, unusable. It is important that the people stay away from these butchers to avoid inconvenience. Last but not least, butchers are the most wanted persons on Eid-ul-Azha. They should act with decency and behave like good citizens with their customers to add to the happiness on the auspicious event. IFTIKHAR MIRZA, Islamabad, October 30.