WASHINGTON (Online) - The US has urged Pakistan to ensure that intelligence information does not go to the Haqqani network and take steps against it, US media said on Tuesday. There are a range of issues that could help to facilitate in squeezing the Haqqani network, a senior administration official said, adding, that would be very complementary to US efforts on the Afghan side of the border. 'That includes ensuring that intelligence doesnt go to the Haqqani Network, that they address IED issues, that they dont benefit from financial resources or flow of finances, that we deal specifically with areas where we know the Haqqani Network and the Taliban are based, including kind of key cities along the border, the official said. 'We continue to work very, very closely with them and COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and the civilian leadership have committed themselves to doing - to undertaking actions and assisting in squeezing, the official said. 'The Secretary, I think, was quite clear that we all need to see visible signs of progress as a matter of some urgency in days and weeks, as she noted, as opposed to months and years, he said.