ROTTERDAM (AFP) - Greg Gaultier, the former world number one from France who won his first major title for two years in Doha last week, said on Monday he believes he is playing well enough to challenge for the world title again. The 28-year-old talked as good a match as he played in overcoming Dylan Bennett of The Netherlands 11-4, 11-3, 11-6 in the first round of the World Open. Gaultier was relaxed, forthright, and superbly creative and afterwards spoke of the galvanising effect of winning the Qatar Classic. "It was like a renewal for me - not winning a big major for two years, since I was world number one. It was a big boost to my confidence. I really needed it, to come back strong. I was confident before going there because I did a lot of practice and fitness training. I went there feeling I could do something, and I feel that it's on the cards this time. I have the same feeling this week. It's psychological -- I feel it's going to come together." If Gaultier is right, he may at last be able to atone for his fortunes in the 2006 World Open in Giza, where he held five match points and lost one of the great finals to Australian hardman, David Palmer.