LAHORE The petitioner counsel and the representative of University of Health Sciences on Tuesday had a verbal row before the Lahore High Court during the course of hearing of the case against the entry test for admission to the medical colleges. The counsel showed their attitude through the exchange of hot words to take over the other detracting from legal arguments. Their conduct upset the Bench of Nasir Saeed Sheikh which was constrained to remark that if it has to be attitude of the lawyers then what for the courts. This court remarks at once influenced the lawyers as they immediately realised their mistake and mended their conduct. Both the counsel tendered apology before the court which was accepted. After conclusion of the arguments by UHS counsel, the petitioner counsel Muhammad Azhar Siddique advocate wanted the court to hear him on the issue giving more time. He argued that the UHS entry test in fact was protecting monetary interests of those private institutions which were making the students prepared for the test. The UHS counsel objected to petition arguing its was not a public interest litigation as only certain students had agitated the issue while the rest a large number, had no objection to the test. Azhar said on that the respondent counsel wanted to deviate an important issue to the other side to belittle it. He said the entry test system was productive and beneficial to those students of the rich class in society who can afford preparation in private institutions paying heavy amount of the money and getting through the test with their help.