LAHORE The Unification Bloc doesnt exist anymore as it has become a band of various interest groups. They only focus on their personal agendas instead of giving strength to the idea of unifying the Muslim League factions, TheNation has learnt. The popularity wave of the PTI, with a blend of self-motivated supporters, could compel some of the Bloc members to switch to Imran Khan instead of following their old masters, sources in the Bloc, also known as the Forward Bloc, told this scribe on Tuesday. The Bloc has become a cluster of small interest groups. They assemble occasionally when the chief minister summons a meeting, one of them said. While claiming that the Bloc was the baby of PML-N leader Khawaja Ahmed Hassan, they claimed that the Bloc members assemble on the directions of their mentor when the provincial chief executive desires to meet them. The Bloc members show their presence in a stated meeting and form small groups to pursue their personal agendas, leaving behind the founding goal to employ efforts for unifying the Muslim Leagues. Sources quoting some bloc members as saying that they were unhappy over the conduct of Dr Tahir Ali Javed, leader of the group who made his place with PML-N senior leadership along with some of his likeminded using the entire strength of the group. When confronted with a query regarding choosing Dr Tahir as their leader, they maintained quoting the similar Bloc leaders that Dr Tahir was made the group leader with the blessings of Khawaja Hassan and PML-Ns senior leadership, as they had not much political choices at that time. However, they added that the PTIs show of force has opened new political choices for many in the Unification Bloc and the members of the bloc comprising dissidents of PML-Q would most likely to decide their political future on the announcement of next elections, which might not be a good news for their old masters. Sources further told that founding president of PML-Q, Mian Azhar who was close to the architect of forward bloc, Atta Manika has already joined the PTI along with his group of loyalists. A senior leader of the bloc seeking anonymity told this reporter, It is true that dynamics of the rural electoral politics are different from the urban centres, however the times have changed and the impacts of the political actions of the urban centres travel to the rural areas slowly but surely in the age of media revolution, as we are not living in the 70s when the elections could be rigged with ease. He said, PTI has focused the youth of the country effectively, while the traditional political parties never take seriously this most vital segment of the society. In the age of media awareness and motivated youth, many in the wings of forward bloc or other political groups are compelled to rethink their political choices, as saying yes to time-tested political groups will no longer benefit the seasoned politicians. When contacted, Dr Tahir Ali Javed, leader of the Unification Bloc dispelling the impression regarding dents among the ranks of the bloc said that they would continue to support the PML-N government in Punjab unconditionally and confront every single conspiracy hatched to dislodge the League government from the province.