ISLAMABAD An important meeting is scheduled to be held on Wednesday (today) in a desperate bid to finalise new gas load management plan for winter. Stakeholders from all sectors including industry and CNG sector are expected to unanimously decide a formula for gas distribution. The beleaguered govt, amid severe shortage of gas in the country, is desperately working on a gas management plan for imminent peak winter (December to February) in a bid to ensure that gas shortfall did not affect domestic and commercial consumers, sources said on Tuesday, adding that Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain was expected to preside over this important meeting. Sources were of the view that this meeting requires from the stakeholders to finalise a unanimous formula regarding gas load management plan. It will be really hard for the incumbent government to reach a conclusion in accordance with the agreements signed earlier by the stakeholders to cut the gas supply to those industries that have alternative fuels options for the upcoming three months, sources added. Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, in a statement, said that we have already put a formula to government far before this meeting that is justified, beneficial for government and public and the same formula will be presented in this meeting by APCNGA. He said we will also suggest how to make gas load management plan for CNG sector. We have given such formula that is in maximum interest of government and public, and every one will be able to get CNG. In the light of laws this formula is completely justified. The gas supply of all those sectors which have alternate fuel options should be cut off for three months according to law & agreements in this regard and the law introduced to avoid such a conflicting situation between stakeholders needs to be implemented as well, he said. He also assured that APCNGA will support the government in this regard and provide all necessary consultation but will not allow any sector to get any illegal and unjustified benefit. Over a question regarding APCNGA formula to meet the demand and supply gap, Paracha revealed that according to the data shared with us by the concerned quarters is that 42mmcfd is being saved through current two-and-a-half days of gas loadshedding in CNG sector. We are going to suggest one-and-a-half days of gas loadshedding for CNG sector. He, however, expressed his worry and concern that there was no need to invite the industry for this meeting if the government considers the law and agreements in this regard. Here, it seems that, succumbing to the pressure of the industry, the incumbent government is in search of seeking excuses to get a share of gas for the industry in the new gas load management plan, setting aside the law and agreements, he said.