ISLAMABAD - Talks between Washington and Islamabad to evolve a joint working plan on the strategic partnership as well as roadmap for the settlement of decade-drawn Afghan conflict are ostensibly not progressing. Well-placed diplomatic sources told TheNation on Tuesday that The United Sates and Pakistan were engaged in deep talks through the State Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but these talks are not making any headway because of divergent positions of the two countries over Afghanistan. According to the sources, Pakistan does not want to change its official position over peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan on the plea that it should be owned and led by the government and people of Afghanistan. While the United States has altogether a different roadmap for the Afghanistan that the sources believed was in direct conflict to the interest of peace in the war torn country as to the interest of Pakistan. The sources were of the view that the US wants Pakistan to play a central role in the peace process on which Pakistan has reservations just because it has taken position that the peace process should be owned and led by the Afghans themselves rather than Pakistan. On its part Pakistan would extend all-out support if desired by the Afghan government, the sources said, adding that Washington and Islamabad remain engaged trying to overcome their challenges. One of the ticklish issues that has slowed down the talks between the two countries is that Pakistan is opposed to the US military approach in bringing the Afghan conflict to end and has been emphasizing the need for political approach. While the United States wants to continuing employing military means to bring the resistance groups on negotiating tables. Similarly, the two countries have divergent approaches for cooperation in counter terrorism, an issue of shared interest between the two erstwhile strategic allies in the war against terror.