KARACHI- Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Tuesday agreed on new Local Bodies system 2011 in Sindh province. Addressing a joint media briefing outside the camp office of Sindh Local Government Minister, the Sindh Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani and MQMs Parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Sardar Ahmed announced that both parties have agreed on the new Local Government system 2011 in Sindh. They said that that the 'New Local Government System 2011 will be finalised before November 6th, 2011. It may be noted here that the existing system will cease to exist on November 7th and according to legal experts there is no way out to extend it except by putting it before the Assembly. Briefing the media about the outcome of the meeting of MQM and PPP on Local Government system, Agha Siraj Durrani said that previous Ordinances would be cancelled once the new Local Bodies system is enacted in Sindh saying that all the allies including PML-Q, ANP and PML-F and nationalists would be taken into confidence about the new Local Bodies system. He said that all the major issues have been decided between the two parties on new Local Government system. On the occasion, MQMs provincial Minister Sardar Ahmed confirmed that the new Local Bodies would be constituted soon. 'The system would accord protection to everyone without making any distinction to rural or urban areas and it would be the same all across Sindh, he added. He said that we will eliminate the differences of urban and rural Sindh in the new Local Government system 2011 ,adding, that all the major issues were settled in the meeting. He said that some pending issues will be settled in the upcoming meetings of the two parties to decide the acceptability of the new Local Government system for all stake-holders. Earlier, the leaders of two parties including Sardar Ahmed, Wasey Jalil and Sagheer Ahmed of MQM and Agha Siraj Durrani and Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq of PPP held four hour long meeting on the issue of new Local Government system. It is worth mentioning here that the controversy over the Local Government system had put the coalition in Sindh under tremendous strain, exposed by changes made and withdrawn in quick succession over the last few months. Earlier, MQM had left the coalition just after the revival of the Commissionerate system in Sindh. However, most of the ruling party leaders and its other coalition partners, including the PML-F, NPP, and ANP welcomed the move, while opposing SLGO 2001, which was introduced by Pervez Musharraf. All the parties, excluding the MQM, have called for amendments to the old system or a new Local Government system which, according to them, should be acceptable to everybody but the MQM wants the 2001 system to stay and has been opposing the Commissionerate system, which was once revived through a bill adopted in the Sindh Assembly on July 13th. And now the pressure of an enraged coalition partner, the MQM, compelled the government to roll back its decision and to introduce a new Local Government system, which will be acceptable to all the stakeholders.