LAHORE Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Ahmad Ali Aulakh has said that provincial government is actively pursuing the sustainable and consistent growth of agriculture sector, and a number of measures have been taken in this regard, says a press release. The Minister was addressing the International Agriculture, Livestock, Industry and Food (ALIF) Conference held under the aegis of Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) in connection with World Food Day. Vice-Chairman FAP Hussain Jahanian Gardezi and President Tariq Bucha were also present on the occasion. Malik Ahmad Ali said that in order to improve the overall situation of agriculture sector, ample funds have been provided to the research-related institutions. He said during the last three years production of important crops like wheat and rice has substantially increased; wheat production has reached to 19 million tons, moreover, 0.9 million ton wheat has also been exported. He further said that Punjab Seed Council and Punjab Agriculture Research Board are engaged in the demand-driven research to increase production and protection of crops, and in order to increase the pace of agricultural research, Punjab Agriculture Research Board has been provided Rs.1 billion. Ahmad Ali Aulakh further said the under Green Tractor Schemes, .02 million tractors have been provided to the farmers on subsidized rates.