The Supreme Court, on a suo moto hearing, about the prevailing conditions in Pakistan Railways has issued some directions. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, dismayed over the situation, asked the concerned Federal Secretary to send the cases of corrupt officials to the National Accountability Bureau for scrutiny. At the same time, he ordered the Attorney General to hold a meeting with Railway top bosses with the purpose of formulating a comprehensive strategy to make PR functional. The Attorney General will be submitting a report to the Supreme Court on the next hearing fixed for Nov 10. The suo moto action was initiated against the non-payment of pensions to retired Railway employees. During the course of the proceedings horrifying details of corrupt practices of officials were brought to the notice of the bench. Former Federal Minister for Railways and leader of his own faction of the Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, on his request, made a presentation. He also prayed to be made a party to the case. He has held the charge of PR for several years and is fully aware of what went wrong and where. Sheikh Rashid in no uncertain terms accused the sitting Federal Minister of nepotism and sponsoring corruption, depriving PR of billions of rupees. He informed the court that PR could be put back on the rails, banking largely on its own expertise instead of inviting experts from the private sector or abroad. It was on the basis of Sheikh Rashids presentation and the information brought to the knowledge of the court that the Chief Justice observed that PR officials had destroyed the department. On the other hand, the sitting Federal Minister for Railways has recently stated that if trains are not running properly, the department should be wound up. Such a callous attitude needs condemnation at all levels. The federal government must put its own house in order and fast, by launching a crusade against rampant corruption prevailing in various national institutions like Pakistan Steel Mills, PIA, Railways and NICL, to name a few. The policy of recruiting cronies in such institutions is a curse that must be broken before it is too late.