LAHORE The statement made by Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif that the Sharifs had declared their assets in 2007 doesnt meet the condition set by PTI Chief Imran Khan for alliance with the PML-N, a senior leader of the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Mian Muhammad Azhar said here on Tuesday. Mian Muhammad Azhar while talking to The Nation said that Imran Khan wants the Sharifs to declare 'all their assets in Pakistan and abroad if they wanted to form an alliance with his party. 'Nobody in Pakistan is satisfied with what the Punjab Chief Minister has said about their assets, he said, indicating that for the time being there is no chance of the two parties working together. He said like many other leaders, the PML-N top leadership also had assets abroad. People knew well where the Sharifs lived while in London or Jeddah, the former Punjab Governor said, implying that those residences belonged to the Sharifs. 'Maybe, they have kept their assets abroad not in their own names but in the names of some other people. He was of the view that the Sharifs could not afford to declare their real assets, or they would stand exposed. The spokesmen of the Sharifs, the PTI leader alleged, was making false statements on their behalf. As for the PTIs cooperation with other parties, Mian Azhar said the question was rather premature and the party would think about it at the time of the elections. Asked how people had come to the Minar-i-Pakistan in such large numbers, he said credit for the huge turnout goes to the entire leadership who facilitated the participants. Transport was provided to some people, while others made their own arrangements, he said. According to him, people turned up at the PTI rally because they were concerned about the security of the country, which was in danger because of the unabated drone attacks and flawed policies being pursued by the present rulers. 'The participants believed that Imran Khan alone could avert the threat. They regard the PTI chief as their ideal and are fascinated by his leadership, said Mian Azhar, who worked with the Sharifs for a long time before parting ways due to differences. He said he had not seen such a big and decent gathering during his 40-year political career. The PTI public meeting, he said, would bury the arrogance of many leaders who were convinced that the entire world was because of them. Now that a real party of the masses was there on the scene, such leaders would have to review their thinking, he added. 'Now the rivals would be swept away. In response to a question, Mian Azhar said the PTI was ready to face the elections any time and had candidates for all national as well as provincial seats. 'The PTI will turn tables on its opponents, he said of the likely outcome of the next elections. Responding to a question, he said Sundays public meeting had established that the Sharifs were losing popularity in their own City. The PTI posed a serious challenge to the Sharifs politics and they must acknowledge this, Mian Azhar concluded.