SHIKARPUR - The 77th death anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Kanwar Ram was marked at Ruk Railway Station by his lovers and other multiple organisations here on Tuesday.

Bhagat Kanwar Ram was a spiritual leader, singer and Sufi poet. Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated over sectarian targeted attack at Ruk Railway Station in Shikarpur in December 1939 when Sukkur was the district.

Bhagat Kanwar Ram was born on 13th April in 1885 at village Jarwar, in Sukkur district.

Nasim Bukhari, the renewed columnist said that, it was said that when Bhagat Kanwar Ram used to sing the songs people would forget about everything while people used to offer a lot of money and expensive ornaments to Bhagat Kanwar Ram while during singing and dancing he had always unconsciously reached in another realm, but Bhagat Kanwar Ram never kept even a penny for himself or for his family out of that money whereas he would instead distribute it among the poor and deserving people without seeing their religion and caste.

Saint Bhagat Ram was sang creations of famous saints and poets including Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai [RA],Sachal, Sami and others, Nasim added. Nasim Bukhari further said and added that, saint Bhaghat was also sang “Raga Sarang” [Raga of Rain] on the reaction of “Raga Sarang” the clear sky started to fill with rainy clouds and a heavy rain followed.

He always spread tolerance and tranquility in the area he was not only popular among the Hindus but also in the Muslims as well. His voice was very melodious and ranged over a very wide scale. His recordings of devotional songs were famous all over Sindh while his songs broadcast regularly over radio Ceylon [Hindi Service] during 1950s & 60s.

Every year on 1st November the people of Sindh gather at Ruk Railway Station to commemorate anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram and pay tribute to him for his service to human being.

Renowned activists Dr Amair Abbass Soomro, human rights activists Sattar Zangejo, Abdul Sattar Kaladi, Naveed Alam Abro and others paid a rich tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Kanwar Ram for his services which could not be forgotten by people of Sindh.