LAHORE - A dismembered and decapitated body of a boy, who disappeared from Baghbanpura area two days ago, was found from the BRB canal yesterday.

Police have identified the victim as Ijaz Yaqoob, whose hands, legs, and head were cut off before his body was packed in a sack. The body was moved to the morgue for autopsy.

The fifteen-year-old boy went missing from Baghbanpura area, police sources said. According to his family, Ijaz left the house on Sunday but did not come back. The area police had filed an abduction case against unidentified men on the complaint his father.

The complainant told the police that his son was kidnapped by unknown men.

Some passersby alerted the police by phone as they spotted a suspicious bag alongside the canal in Batapur area yesterday afternoon. A police officer says the body parts were cut off with a sharp-edge weapon.

“The killers cut off the legs, hands, and head of the victim,” said the official who witnessed the body. They packed the body parts in a sack somewhere else but fled after throwing the bag into the canal, he added.

“When a dismembered body is found it is our understanding that is an organised crime and planned murder. We are investigating the killing, keeping in view different aspects of the incident,” the officer said.

The latest discovery of a mutilated body appeared to be the third such killing in Lahore since July. Police were already investigating killings of two boys. Both the mutilated bodies were recovered from a drain in Badami Bagh police precincts. Police are investigating both the killings with no arrest made yet.

During the last three months, four children were abducted by unidentified criminals from the commercial and populated Badami Bagh area. The police registered four separate cases of abductions since June but have failed to trace the whereabouts of three children.

The earlier victims were identified by police as 10-year-old Muhammad Umair, eight-year-old Fahad, seven-year-old Sameer, and two and a half year old Daim Ali. Later, one of the abductees was found stuffed in a plastic bag from a drain located in the same Badami Bagh locality. The sack-packed body was named by police as Muhammad Umair, son of Shabbir Ahmed. Investigators say Umair was sexually assaulted by merciless killers.

Umair went on missing under mysterious circumstances from outside his house. A few days later, the police discovered his sack-packed body from the drain. Rescue workers said the body was decomposed and beyond recognition.

Naked body of another victim of torture and gang rape had been found in a sack from Lahore’s low-income Shadbagh neighbourhood in February. The boy was identified as eight-year-old Muhammad Sajid, who went missing from Malik Park two days before. His naked and blood-soaked body was found in a sack-pack placed near Tonga Stand. According to police investigators, the boy was gang-raped and brutally tortured by at least two to three men.

Several children went missing under mysterious circumstances from the low-income areas of Badami Bagh, Baghbanpura, Mughalpura, Shafiqabada and Lower Mall police area since June. The Badami Bagh area houses truck and bus stands with many strangers including Afghan nationals roaming there. The city’s largest fruits and vegetables market is also located in the same vicinity.

Like several other parts of the city, the children are most vulnerable to abductions and rape in this area. According to police officers, runaway children are often found in such localities because they get free food and ordinary jobs there.

Also yesterday, a 60-year-old man was found dead under mysterious circumstances from Bhati Gate police area. The body, not identified yet, was moved to the morgue for autopsy.

Some passersby spotted the body alongside a footpath in Prinda Market and contacted the police by phone. The police were investigating the death.