LALAMUSA/WAZIRABAD/KAMALIA-Police continued crackdown and arrested dozens of political workers in a bid to stop them from attending the PTI protest in Islamabad.

The Gujrat District Police conducted raids in Lalamusa, Kharian, Dinga, Sara-e-Alamgir against against PTI, PML-Q leaders, workers and arrested dozens of activists.

The Gujrat police chief suspended all the policemen posted at Dulanwala Chowk Police Station on the charge of facilitating a PTI leader to escape from the station.

The suspended cops include an ASI, a head constable and six constables. They were accused of facilitating UC Dulanwala chairman Nizakat Ali alias Shaki. The police also raided the house of another political leader Haji Shabir at Faizabad but he had already escaped. However, the police arrested his brother Shafi and son Bilal.

Similarly, PML-Q leader and UC-7 vice chairman Dr Ehsan Mehli, PTI worker Mirza Raees, Nasir Khokhar, PML-Q activists Qasim Umer, Abbas, Ahmed Butt, Abdullah Butt and many others were arrested. However, the police failed to capture the active workers. Meanwhile, according to DCO office sources, the Punjab Interior Ministry has ordered the arrest of as many as 283 workers of PTI, PML-Q and PAT.

In Wazirabad, police arrested 12 PTI workers from their working place. Scuffle between PTI worker and police was also observed when workers got released a senior PTI worker from police custody on circular road.

City police went Gujranwala and arrested senior PTI worker Ch Muhammad Yousuf when he was busy in work on his shop and on his way to City police Station Wazirabad in a police van. Near Veterinary Hospital, some PTI workers stopped the police van and sought release of Ch Yousuf but police denied and the workers rushed and got him free. Thus, a scuffle took place between PTI workers and police.

Police demanded more police force. The police force then tortured PTI workers including Umar Yousuf; Irfan Yousuf; one PML-N worker namely Waqas Meer also candidate of Labour councilor and some other unidentified workers. All were arrested and tortured but meanwhile, Ch Yousuf managed to escape.

Arrested workers were taken to police station where workers were tortured again. Later, on the interference of PML-N’s district official, City police released PML-N worker Waqas. Police also arrested Lala Muhammad Khalil; Sohdra Police arrested Mushtaq Cheema and Sultan Muhammad; Gakkhar police arrested Nasir Ali and PTI councilor Amjad Ansari; Saddr Police arrested Ashfaq Ahmad and Shehbaz Ahmad from village Dhoneki and Ahmad Nagar Police arrested Haroon Sultan from Village Verpal Chattha and booked them.

In Kamalia, the police took PTI workers into custody including Naeem Iqbal from Mohallah Amratsarian, Shahid Chaudhry from Bagai Wala, Zaheer from Mohallah Khursheed Abad, and Khurram Shahzad from Mohallah Niaz Abad. The police continued raids on the homes of workers in Kamalia. Many workers have gone underground due to fear of arrests.