ISLAMABAD -  The ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N), which earlier had not contested the maintainability of the petitions demanding probe into the Panama Leaks, has now decided to emphatically present its viewpoint on Terms of Reference (ToRs) for investigating the revelations of Panama Papers.

Sources in the government informed The Nation that when the government legal team would present the government ToRs for Panama Leaks’ probe in the apex court on Thursday (November 3) they would present government’s point of view on the mechanism of probe and would demand that the probe mechanism should not be person-specific and demanded that it should be blanket and holistic in application. Sources further informed that the government legal team would also present the details of the deliberations between the government and the opposition on framing of ToRs and the contentious points in it, and would also challenge the opposition’s point of view on it which according to the government just wanted to put the Prime Minister and his family members on the mat.

Sources said that government side would also inform the court that the name of the Prime Minister was nowhere in the Panama Papers’ revelations but the opposition parties were trying to drag him (PM) in the matter only because of his sons whose names were among those holding offshore companies in Panama.

The government side though open for dialogue on ToRs with the opposition but in just a couple of days the chances of their huddle on the matter seemed minimal especially when both sides had taken extreme positions.

Soon after the apex court hearing the Prime Minister had held meeting first with his legal team and then they were joined by the select cabinet members where the participants had threadbare deliberations on both the legal and political course of the government in future. Sources said that it was decided that on political front the PML-N leaders would take a strong position and defend the case of the government, which had shown magnanimity by accepting even the ‘unjust’ demands of the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf while on the other hand would grill the PTI for imperiling the whole political dispensation for their petty political gains.