Given the recent political developments, I have made a personal realization which I feel the general public might agree with (or may not). My realization dictates that you cannot pick sides in this political fiasco. 

Let me first clarify my "political stance": I have none. For me, this party or the other, with the exception of a few core differences, are basically the same power hungry beasts looking for a way to make more money, earn more fame and a few brownie points from the military or the hegemony (whose name shall not be spoken). Before the pseudo intellectuals bring on the hate and call me immature and my arguments baseless because I do not support one political party, I would request them to stop reading because they will not like my views. 

May be, I should not be writing with my limited knowledge but hey, I am not a famous writer that people would question my credibility- I am still building mine. 

So, I am a believer of Democracy as an institution and a way of governance and hence, I support whoever is running the country because I support my country and I want to see it prosper. Okay, now before all hell breaks loose over this statement, please go read the title of my post again. Ah good old Voltaire, yes. The title is exactly what this post is about. Bear with me. 

Let's rewind to 2013 (I was a happy sophomore at LUMS, good days). The PTI fever was sky high. If you weren't voting for PTI, you could not sit with us okay? 

Anyway, I ended up not voting that year because my vote was registered in Gujranwala and I could not go because of whatever reason that I do not remember and was probably not a good enough excuse. Things worked out for the better I guess because I significantly disagree with what PTI is today and I would have immensely regretted my vote. PTI feels like more of an accountability bureau to me than a political party now and accountability for only PML-N too. I believe PTI is being disgraced by its leadership. I disagree with PTI being synonymous with Imran Khan and vice versa. I disagree with Pervez Khan Khattak and Shah Memhmood Qureshi being placeholders in IK's haphazard game of snakes and ladder. 

Where I disagree with IK's scheme of things the most is the disturbance it causes provincially and nationally. I say this out of experience and first hand knowledge when I say that IK's political agenda takes a toll on the functioning of the KP government. I will not name the initiatives, the positive initiatives that have been delayed in KP because of IK's "dharnas" and rallies and protests. The one province that elected PTI is being ignored by PTI and is suffering from a lack of attention instead of being PTI's top priority. I have also met with a few PTI MNAs and MPAs and I see potential, I see a proactive attitude and I see possibility of improvement but as I said earlier, the party is being disgraced by its leadership, unfortunately. I do not disagree with the demands of PTI. They have the absolute right to question the election procedure which they did and an Election Commission was put in place. They have the right to raise their voice for the embarrassing Panama Leaks debacle and they did that. However, the way IK chooses to go about the issues is amazingly disturbing. Everyone has the right to object, critique and raise their voice against what they feel is wrong especially when you are a politician. But guess what? There are rules to that too. They were put in place not to silence you, but to facilitate the process.

How many times has IK appeared in the National Assembly and submitted a point of order to the Speaker? How has PTI made KP an example? How is Imran Khan different from Nawaz Sharif if his millions and billions spent on his dharnas well equipped with SMDs and sound systems and bullet proof containers are allowed to go unaccounted for.

All the "sher" fanatics, hold your chants! This post will offend you too. There are only two words to incriminate NS: Panama Leaks. If NS is innocent, he needs to appear before the courts. I am very interested in the reasoning PML-N supporters have for that because I have not heard any. Please enlighten me! I will force myself for the sake of relevancy to the current situation to look past all the corruption and focus on Section 144. I mean oh my God. Allow me to educate everyone reading this a little. Section 144 is part of The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Pakistan) As amended by Act II of 1997, Chapter XI - Temporary Orders In Urgent Cases Of Nuisance Or Apprehended Danger. Let's just take a moment to read this carefully. I have not even delved into the details yet and it seems preposterous already, no? What danger? What nuisance? 

For me, as a proud denizen of Pakistan, law and judiciary is the ultimate authority. To all those who say the judiciary has been bought and what not, I have to put my trust somewhere! So back off. It is just my opinion, remember? All disagreements are welcome. When the High Court gave its judgement and disallowed a lockdown by PTI or the government and dedicated a space for protest then why oh why did we need Section 144? Section 144: Power to issue order absolute at once in urgent cases of nuisance or apprehended danger. Say what? There is nothing more despicable than the misuse of law for your own gains and PML-N here did just that. Yes, I said PML-N and not the government because they stopped acting like a responsible government when they thought they could use force to avoid a rightful protest. This was not the way! This was an abuse of power.

Both of these parties have their flaws. My disagreement with PTI is not with the opposition it provides PML-N, that their right and their job to keep the ruling party on their toes. My issue comes when PTI comes off selfish and opportunist. Dare I quote the Raiwind Jalsa? Had IK postponed the rally in solidarity with the then prevalent situation between India and Pakistan and the criticism the Prime Minister was facing in the UN, I would have had great respect for the man but what he did and said was extremely ill-timed and opportunistic. It tarnished Pakistan's reputation internationally at a time when we needed  to present ourselves as a united front. PML-N on the other hand has always disappointed with the "Gullu Butt" culture, the abuse of power and failure to provide accountability. Even though we cannot deny that load shedding has decreased and economy has improved, but PML-N is the ruling party and needs to take more responsibility. If this feud has to end, PML-N needs to be the bigger party and not repeat the mistakes it has made in the past. People are more aware now Mian Saab. They will not let these things slide.