GUJRAT-A Lebanese scholar has stressed that the universities should play a key role in training the Muslim youth as responsible citizens to steer the Ummah out of the crises and to affectively face the modern day challenges.

“Islam is the religion of peace. Some factions have tarnished the peaceful image of Islam. It is incumbent upon our universities to rise to the situation to prop up the image of Islam. Our students, too, should channelise all their energy and efforts towards the promotion of key Islamic values of brotherhood, tolerance and co-existence for the establishment of a true Islamic society with equal rights and respect for people belonging to all religions,” Dr Sheikh Osama Abdul Razzaq Al Rafaee told a seminar titled “The Role of Universities in the Establishment of World Peace”, at Hafiz Hayat Campus of the University of Gujrat.

The conference was presided over by Registrar Dr Tahir Aqeel. Among the guests of honour were chairman Muslim Hands Sahabzada Syed Lakhte Husnain, Dr Naeemuddin and Head of Islamic Studies Department Dr Nawaz.

During a question-answer session at the end of the conference, Dr Osama highlighted the challenges of the Muslim world on various fronts, terrorism and violence being the most prominent among them. “We need to present the true narrative of Islam before the world by promoting its message of peace and human rights,” Dr Osama added.

Dr Tahir Aqeel said, “Various research and community development programmes are a part and parcel of our students’ training. Academic discipline and training plays an important role in personality development. All our endeavours at UoG are focused on the prime objective of transforming our youth into responsible citizens as a means to achieve goal of establishment of an ideal, peaceful society.”

He said, “We are living in an age of disorder and chaos, both intellectual as well as conceptual. Our present day problems call for a concerted effort to help our students learn polite values of other nations and cultures and communities around the world.”

Dr Muhammad Nawaz in his address thanked the participants. He said, “We should fulfil our responsibilities for the establishment of a peaceful society by following the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) who is perfect role model.”

Dr Osama also called upon Vice Chancellor Dr Ziaul Qayyum in his office at Hafiz Hayat Campus. They discussed the problems and challenges being faced by the Muslims around the world and how universities can contribute towards the efforts aimed at establishing an ideal world where people belonging to various religions can enjoy equal rights and respect in peaceful co-existence.