LAHORE - The Lahore High Court yesterday restrained Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf from blocking Islamabad, observing that PTI and PML-N both should abide by principles of mutual living and humanity instead of showing muscles to each other.

The full bench, headed by Justice Shahid Hameed Dar and comprising Justice Justice Muhammad Anwarul Haq and Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan, announced the order hours before PTI Chairman Imran Khan withdrew his decision of ‘locking down’ Islamabad.

In its decision, the full bench observed that the Constitution has guaranteed right of life, speech, liberty and movement but not at the cost of others. The court also barred the Punjab government from blocking roads leading to Islamabad.

The bench observed that the issue of Panama leaks had already been taken up by the Supreme Court; therefore, it might not be too long that the truth would be much clear to every citizen and the complete justice would be done.

“Islamabad should not be sieged or turned into no-go-area,” Justice Dar remarked. He also stressed that basic constitutional rights should be respected and guarded by the government.  The court, however, directed that violators of law must be dealt with iron hand as no one was above the law.

“Public peace should not be abused or challenged,” the bench further remarked.

The court also directed the home secretary to submit the list of all those political workers taken into custody.

Also, the Punjab government has been asked to submit its reply on a petition challenging imposition of Section 144 and its violation in Punjab.