KARACHI - More than 5000 PTI workers including Karachi region leaders have left the port city for Islamabad to put their share in PTI chairman Imran Khan’s struggle against corruption.

Talking to The Nation, PTI leader Dawa Khan Sabir told that more than five thousand workers had departed so far to join PTI‘s Islamabad protest. Party finance committee being run under the supervision of Fridous Naqvi had facilitated about 4500 workers that include the travel, accommodation, food and other expense, whereas the remaining would bear their own expenses.

He said the situation was not quite normal for the workers to take their families along so they have left in shape of groups by air, trains, buses and coaches. Many of workers have also departed from Insaf House Karachi in their own vehicles. 


“We have finalised our strategy and PTI Karachi will react in case of further brutality of PML-Nawaz government,” Karachi Chapter Leader Fridous Shamim Naqvi told The Nation.

PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman earlier contacted Pakistan Railways for the reservation of two special trains for PTI convey to Islamabad but the railway authorities refused to accommodate. After that the party leadership decided that workers will leave for Islamabad in groups and will not carry any flag and banners to avoid arrest. He further informed that many leaders including Dr Arif Alvi and Imran Ismail were already present in Islamabad and later they will receive the workers those have departed from Karachi.

Moreover some of the PTI Karachi Chapter were still in Karachi as party leadership has decided to react in case any violence in the federal capital during Party Sit-in. We have plan A that says PTI will block Super Highway, National highway & Hub River Road. Plan B says Party will block railway tracks, and Karachi Airport while lastly the entire Karachi would be shutdown.

“We are not afraid of the water canons, tear gas and arrest,” said Haleem Adil Sheikh adding that I along with workers were here at the federal capital on the call of the Imran Khan. Who is waiting for November 2 time has arrived and demonstration is on, he added.

PTI Sindh chapter is here to put its share in the anti-government protest and people from various part of province has reached federal capital to join party sit-in. We have avoided to come in shape of conveys and preferred to reach the demo site in shape of groups as chance of arrest was looming after the government crackdown and arrest at the youth convention in Islamabad.

He said that the process of mobilization of the residence of Sindh province was initiated after the announcement of November 2 sit-in and various wings of the party have sprung into action with leaders reaching out to various segments of the society to woo the crowds to protest. PTI workers depart in shape of groups for the capital on foot in as show of solidarity for the demand made by chairman Imran Khan demanding accountability over the Panama Papers.


Karachi that voted PTI on slogan of Naya Pakistan in general election 2013 agreed with the agenda of Imran Khan and demand Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should step down to pull out country from political crisis.

Alina Shahzad said that Imran Khan “Dharna” is necessary for the fight against corruption. We support Imran Khan fully on this issue but all the demonstration should be peaceful. I disagree with Imran Khan on many grounds as the words he used sometimes but apart from this, I continue to support him and trust him.

Corruption in country has become non-issue but integrity it is a huge issue adds Naila from Defence Karachi. She said that PML-Nawaz should not create obstacles for PTI‘s “Dharna” by doing so they have proved to be guilty of corrupting entire political system of the country. Khan’s courage is unquestionable and he would be successful in sending Nawaz Sharif home.   

Mirza Baig a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal said that intention of locking down the capital of the country on the name of “Dharna” is unacceptable. Government should arrest the leadership along with the workers who are provoking violence.


On the other hand, the MWM that has remained the part of PTI sit-in protest in year 2014 seems away from the Imran Khan call to join hands against the accountability of Prime Minister. Ameen Shaheedi told The Nation that it is unfortunate that ruling government of PTI in KPK promised to address the reservations of MWM leadership that include Shia-Muslims victimisation in province.

He said incident of Kohat is still alive and victims were waiting for justice and if you break promise then it would be hard to carry on the support, he added.

There is no doubt PTI agenda for the accountability of the Prime Minister is valid but MWM leadership would not be the part of the sit-in episode in federal capital. To a question about MWM support to the PTI Karachi Chapter warning of Karachi Lock down, he said that it would be early to comment as party would take the decision keeping in view the political atmosphere.


Urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI Chairman Imran Khan to shun of confrontation over the corruption Chairman of All Karachi Tajir Ittehad, Atiq Mir asked both government and PTI to resolve the issue through dialogues.

To a query about the PTI call to lock down Karachi, Atiq said the PTI leadership has yet not made any request in this regard while the traders body after consultation and keeping in view the situation will announce its decision if Karachi business activities were appealed to shut down.

Further terming Lock down Karachi loss of every Pakistani, he said that political forces should think about the country first, as per an estimate National exchequer faces about Rs10 billion loss per day owing to halt of business activities in the economic hub Karachi. History is packed with the strikes in the city and businessmen were unable to continue their trade activities in Karachi owing violence. Atmosphere is better now but once again it is the responsibility of political forces to avoid confrontation and politics of shutting business.