PESHAWAR: Citing difference with policies of the federal government, a student of Peshawar University refused to accept a graduation degree from the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to details, Nabi Shah, a student of Journalism and Mass Communications at a university in Peshawar, said he was dissatisfied with the federal government, and so had refused to accept his degree from Jhagra. He maintained that Jhagra is a representative of a government which has been accused of theft.

In response to the student’s remarks, the Pakhtunkhwa governor said that he respected the decision of the student to decline the degree.

"Everyone has their own reservations. He [the student] might be correct in his own right and I respect that," Jhagra said.

"I have no issues, this is a democracy a person can live as he wishes," he added.