MIRPURKHAS - District council chairman Mir Anwer Ali Khan Talpur presided over the first meeting of district council on educational issues here on Tuesday in which he said that there were 314 closed schools in the district and he requested the secretary education to take steps for the opening without any delay.

The meeting was attended by deputy commissioner Mirpurkhas Syed Mehdi Ali Shah, vice chairman Mir Ahmed Khan Talpure , districts officers of different government department a large numbers of members including women members.

He asked the deputy commissioner to ensure presence of officers of education department Mirpurkhas in next meeting.

He further said that this tenure was democratic and Awami and officers should resolve the problems of the masses on priority basis while those officers found fail to solve the problems would face action.

Mostly members complained of devastation of the education system due to corruption as mostly schools buildings were in dilapidated condition, corruption of SMC funds and absence of teachers despite being introduced the biomatric system.

They further said that in various schools peon were playing role of teachers that was shameful condition.

Tharo Khan Panhwer said that in past education standard was best in Sindh than other provinces but now despite introduction of biometric system required result was not appearing.

Deputy commissioner Mirpurkhas Syed Mehdi Ali Shah said that since 4 years secretary Sindh finance department did not release the required funds of M&R in the district as result schools buildings were in badly damaged or dilapidated condition and he had sent various letters in this regard but no attendtion was yet given.

District education officer semis Abdul Baqi Bhambhro said that there were 314 closed primary schools in the district while school buildings of 559 were satisfactory of total 2166 schools buildings.

He added that there were 460 shelter less schools and there were 341 dangerous school buildings. He further told that semis code could not be traced of 94 schools and SNE of schools could not be approved since 4 years.

He expressed that now teachers transfer from a school to other school might not be easily made because of transfer of biometric record of a teacher will be made from Sindh secretariat.

He stressed need to prepare general educational policy in benefit of the children. Except education department, members also complained of Nadra department and a member Azmina Nazeer Chandio said that district council meeting should demand the Sindh government for special financial package for the development works in the district and appropriate Mushaira should also be given to chairman, vice chairman and members of the district council Mirpurkhas.

She further said that we should take measures for increasing the income of district council Mirpurkhas by recovery from cattle Peri and bus terminal.

Later, a resolution was adopted unanimously for providing the vehicles to chairman and vice chairman of the district council Mirpurkhas.