LAHORE - Presuming that the ‘thanksgiving day’ will mark the end of Imran Khan’s politics, the Punjab government spokesperson thanked the PTI chairman for taking back his call for locking down the federal capital.

“Imran Khan has pushed himself to a blind alley by following the dictates of those who have been abusive in their attyitude,” Zaeem Hussain Qadri told the media yesterday.

Dubbing the PTI chairman as ‘U-Turn Khan’, the Punjab government spokesman said the ‘Youm-e-Tashakur’ - a day (November 2) when PTI is gathering at Parade Ground to celebrate the SC action over Panamagate leaks - is in fact the “last breaths of the political future of Imran Khan which he will hardly get”. However, he thanked Imran Khan for taking back his Islamabad lockdown call. “By withdrawing the protest call, Imran Khan has really shown benevolence to the nation,” Qadri said.

He further beseeched Khan to let the government serve the people through ending the problems and improving economy. “Heavens will not fall if Imran Khan will wait for the time of the next elections and let the PML-N government complete CPEC and other development projects,” he added.

The spokesman further said the government will fully abide by the SC’s say on the Panama issue. Appreciating the SC decision to bring in ToRs to the court and set up a commission to probe the matter, he said the court has made the best decision according to the law and the constitution and the government will act upon it in letter and spirit.

Zaeem was quite optimistic that PM Nawaz will come out clean this time too. However, to a question, Qadri said the Terms of Reference should not be for exclusive accountability of the prime minister.