ISLAMABAD - Parliamentary committee on accountability laws Wednesday unanimously withdrew the proposal to bring army generals and judges of the superior courts in the ambit of new law when the mover of the proposal Pakistan People’s Party backed out of its stand while rest of the parties supported it.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf members of the committee somersaulted from the consensus evolved on the proposed accountability laws and wanted to see the existing NAB Ordinance in place with a few amendments to make it more effective.

PTI member of the committee Dr Shireen Mazari also walked out from the committee proceedings taking the plea that the committee was not taking the suggestions and proposals from the members seriously.

Chairman of the committee Law Minister Zahid Hamid said that they wanted to ensure very effective accountability apparatus in place but at the same time they wanted to see justice being done alongside accountability.

“Rights of those came under the axe of accountability must be protected as in the past the law had been misused and all political parties have serious concerns on it,” he added.

He further informed that under the proposed accountability laws the incumbent accountability courts would continue to function while investigation, interrogation and other related matters would be transferred to the new accountability setup to be established under the new NAB laws.

During the meeting, the PTI members of the committee withdrew their support to the consensus evolved on various clauses of proposed accountability laws and blamed the government for not taking the prudent suggestions from the members seriously. Shireen Mazari also walked out from the committee proceedings in protest for not taking their suggestions seriously.

During the meeting, Pakistan People’s Party member Syed Naveed Qamar withdrew the party’s proposal of bringing Army generals and judges of superior judiciary in the ambit of proposed accountability laws, but as there was a strong disagreement rather disapproval of the proposal PPP did not press the demand and withdrew it which was having the backing and approval of rest of the members of the committee.

Responding to a question, Chairman of the committee Zahid Hamid said that in all, the committee had 16 sittings and up till 12th sitting, all the proposals and clauses of the proposal accountability laws were approved with consensus and threadbare discussion on it. The minutes of the committee meetings could be checked as there was not even a single dissenting note on any of the clause of the proposed law.

But then the PTI had changed its member in the committee and brought in Dr Shireen Mazari who has altogether rejected even the clauses which had been agreed by her predecessor in the earlier meetings.

Zahid Hamid said that excluding the Army generals and judges of superior judiciary from the proposed NAB laws was agreed upon by all the members of the committee as both these departments have their own accountability apparatus.

He said that all the political parties had declared NAB Ordinance 1999 as black and draconian law but now one party was insisting to keep it intact.

Jamaat-i-Islami member of the committee Sahibzada Tariq Ullah said that they wanted major amendments in 1999 NAB Ordinance to make it effective as they wanted to see blanket accountability.

PPP Syed Naveed Qamar confirmed that his party withdrew from the demand of bringing judges and Army generals in the ambit of the proposed accountability laws but as rest of the members of the committee were against it so they withdrew it keeping in view the majority view.

He, however, said that the party would be standing by its demand that in the presence of the existing accountability laws of the provinces the new NAB law should only confine to the people performing duties in the provinces on behalf of federal government.