LAHORE - A man was fined Rs200,000 and sentenced to six months in prison by a local court on Wednesday for getting married for a third time without taking permission from his second wife.

Judicial Magistrate Syed Ali Jawad Naqvi passed the order on suit moved by Ayesha Khalil against third marriage of her husband Shahzada Saqib Sohail.  However, the same magistrate granted bail to Sohail when the counsel of the convict questioned his sentence. The judge directed the convict to deposit Rs 50,000 as surety bonds.

Ayesha Khalil, the complainant, contracted marriage with Shahzada Saqib Sohail on July 6, 2013. She said in the beginning, the behavior of her husband was good but with the passage of time, he became harsh and started beating her.

Before marriage, she said, Sohail showed himself as bachelor but after the marriage she came to know that he was married and his first marriage was solemnised with Rubina Bibi on Nov 14, 2011.

The complainant said, however, the man contracted third marriage with another woman without getting her permission which was violation of the law. Ayesha said the 3rd marriage of her husband was registered with union council No 4 of Shahdara. She said that he violated Muslim Family Ordinance, 1961.  Ayesha prayed the court to declare her husband’s third marriage as illegal and unlawful.

The magistrate awarded the sentence to Sohail for committing violation of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961.  Under Muslim Family Laws, polygamy is violation until the man seeks permission from his first wife or wives and any marriage without permission from the existing wife cannot be registered with union council – the local body at the community level.