ISLAMABAD -  Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada will meet Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi today (Thursday) to brief about establishing the first sports university in country.

The IPC minister held a detailed meeting with Ganjera and IPC secretary Amjed Ali Khan upon their arrival from China, while HEC chairman Mukhtar Ahmed was also present during the meeting. The details were finalised about the importance of sports university and they will try to convince the PM about the importance of Sports University. It is expected that the PM might give nod of approval and announce the setting up of Pakistan’s first sports university and it is expected that government might allocate Rs 200 million in the PSDP.

The sources in Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) have confirmed to The Nation on condition of anonymity that present Director General Akhtar Ganjera is set to retire from services in February next year and he is striving to become vice chancellor of the proposed university, as he holds PhD degree in Sports from Australia.

“Ganjera enjoys unconditional support of the IPC minister and he is confident enough to become the vice chancellor of the university, despite a number of corruption and other cases are pending against him and also being suspended for three months by establishment division. But the minister used all his influence and never let the inquiry initiated against Ganjera and bypassing all rules and regulations, he managed to get Ganjera back as PSB Director General on the orders of Azam Darm. “The IPC secretary was big obstacle in way of the minister and Ganjera, but Ganjera managed to lure him with first visit to Turkmenistan and now he was enjoying around two-week China trip in the name of visiting different universities,” the sources added.

It is highly unfortunate that the person like Ganjer has been running the PSB affairs and considers it as personal-property and the minister and all other government institutions have closed their eyes and letting the DG ruin Pakistan sports and its image.

The sources further confirmed to this scribe that Ganjera had managed to give advance hefty amounts to his blue-eyed XEN Ijaz Akbar, who is plundering with national wealth with both hands. MES, a system used by army, is being adopted by the PSB to clear the payments to the companies and individuals of their liking and no one is bothered to check this embezzlement.

“Liaqat Gymnasium roof constructed by Chinese engineers was replaced with the one which was made by substandard material. There is every possibility that roof might collapse any moment, which could not only cost millions of rupees to national kitty but also endanger lives of athletes. After enjoying trip to China, he managed to send his son Moeez Akhtar with baseball team to Japan, Ganjera is all set to embark on joy-ride to Japan,” the sources said.

The sources further confirmed that Ganjera would also embark on Spain, Switzerland and USA visits and all are sponsored by a specific person. “It is quite strange that Ganjera’s son was earlier sent as footballer, then as futsal player and now as a baseball player. But the minister and IPC secretary are least bothered to seek explanation from him.”

The sources told this scribe that a lot of dubious persons have been residing at Allama Iqbal Hostels and there is absolutely no check and balance on their suspicious activities.

 “It is a matter of grave concern as not only male but female athletes are also residing at Allama Iqbal and Fatima Jinnah Hostels. Fatima Jinnah Hostel was ransacked, but luckily, nothing bad happened with female athletes and coaches. Rs 3.5 million renovation bill was tabled for Roshan Khan Complex, which is going to be cleared very soon, while entire P&D and maintenance department is doing nothing. An army of employees in these sections are doing nothing, while Ijaz Akbar has been presenting hefty amount of bills and getting them cleared without any difficulty.”

The sources further revealed that Green Hill, which supplies tracksuits and was blacklisted in the past, has been given advance payment and store department is yet to receive the delivery of tracksuits. The time is high when the NAB chairman must look into this matter and start investigations.