ISLAMABAD (APP) - Senior film, TV and stage actor, Syed Kamal died in a local hospital of Karachi on Thursday after protracted illness. He was 75. According to a private TV channel, Syed Kamal was born in Merath, India. He left behind three daughters and one son, also an actor Ghalib Kamal to mourn his death. Migrated from India in 1956, Syed Kamal started his debut from 'Thandi Sarrak in 1957. He also worked in four Indian films. He ruled the movie world during 1960s to 1970s. His hit movie was 'Toba. He also worked in TV dramas. His famous drama was 'Kashkol. Kemal appeared in less than 100 films and the most successful film as hero was Nei Laila Neya Majnu in 1969. It was a platinum jubilee film. He was co-hero in his only diamond jubilee film Hamdono in 1980. He was consistently seen on silver screen from 1959-73 and his peak period was from 1964-70. He tried to become Punjabi film hero in the 70s but didnt succeed. Syed Kemal produced and directed 13 films. His first film as producer, writer and actor was Joker in 1966, Iqbal Yousuf was the director. In his second film Shehnai in 1968, he was director as well. His third film Honey Moon in 1970 was made with six actors only. He was not director in his fourth and fifth films Roop Behrup in 1971 and Akhri Hamla in 1972, respectively. His sixth film Insan aur Gadha was based on a unique story but he was criticised for his political motivated film, because he offended many people when he symbolised Pakistani people. Ironically, it was his only hit Urdu film as producer and director. After a three years gap he produced, directed, wrote and acted in three Punjabi films Jatt Kurian tun darda in 1976, Ajj dian Kurain in 1977 and Kall de Mundey in 1978. The first two of them were successful on box office but he was not successful as Punjabi film hero. His tenth film Yehan se wahan tak was shot in USA, Canada and UK. It was his first film with Waheed Murad. After five years rest he was active again and produced, directed, wrote and acted in three films Jatt Kamala geya Dubai in 1984, Mashraq-o-Maghrab in 1985 and Siyasat in 1986. All three films were dead flop.