Writers in some papers have been inviting the attention of politicians like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan towards taking practical steps to inform people about the misdeeds of Musharraf. They suggest our political parties should be sending printed material like pamphlets and flyers as well as delegations of speakers to speak on public forums in cities where he goes to deliver lectures. They lament the fact that the dictator is being rewarded for serving his American allies, with whose collaboration he played havoc with lives of the people of Pakistan for nine years. An incompetent dictator being paid $300,000 /- for a lecture is anathema to us all. And this, a man who cannot even express himself properly in English because of his military syntax. Musharraf's outrageous statement in London that "The aid provided by the US to combat terrorism was directed against building military resources against India" shows his limited political vision and also casts aspersions on his integrity. It not only was a great embarrassment to President Zardari on the eve of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan meeting at N.Y, but also provided an opportunity to the Indian leadership to use it to their advantage. I agree with those who say the dreadful crimes of the ex-dictator should be exposed to the world. -FIDA MOHAMMAD, Peshawar, September 29.