KARACHI - All Pakistan CNG Association has shown his serious reservations over the proposal to suspend the gas supply to CNG stations for three months in Punjab and NWFP, APCNGA said on Thursday. Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on CNG and Vice Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association (Sindh Zone) Shabbir H. Sulemanjee in a press statement said that SNGPLs proposal to the Ministry of Petroleum to either increase the price of CNG equivalent to the price of petrol or close down 2940 CNG stations across the country for three months from November 15 to Feb 15 is an effort to destabilise the industry and the country as such a move could ignite wide-spread protest against govt and would also badly hurt the CNG sector where huge investments of over $2b have been made over the past five years and that caters to an estimated 2.7m domestic and commercial vehicles through over 2940 CNG stations across Pakistan. Shabbir H. Sulemanjee further said that such nanve proposal would have catastrophic implications for the sector where more than four lakh people are directly employed and around 4 lakh CNG rickshaws and taxis are also running on CNG. If Govt suspends the gas supply, it would further create unemployment of around 0.8m people. He said that shutting down the entire CNG stations during winter for 3 months in is not a solution but it would further aggravate the already volatile business climate in the country and would send very negative signal to foreign investors who have invested in CNG sector and also warrant wide spread protests by CNG station owners and motorists alike. He said CNG industry is undergoing severe threats and challenges like the closure of CNG stations in winter for three months and various other policies to discourage the usage of Gas in vehicles, which is contrary to the assurances given by the government to investors who have set up 2940 CNG station across Pakistan. He informed that at present Pakistan is one of the largest users of this environmental friendly fuel and 2.7 million vehicles have been converted to CNG with an approximately 70 billion investment by commonman on CNG kits. He said that CNG stations are already paying almost 40 percent higher for the gas as compared to tariffs given to industrial and power production purposes and any further hike in gas prices will destroy billions of rupees of investment by investors and commonman. He said that CNG stations are consuming only 6pc of the total natural gas consumption in the country and in return is contributing approximately Rs12b annually in terms of tax collection by FBR through direct taxation on gas bills. The use of CNG in the vehicles is also substituting around 8.03b liters of petrol thus saving around $4b foreign exchange annually. This is unjustified to make the CNG sector a scapegoat for mismanagement of govt and line losses of gas distribution companies, he added. The use of CNG in Pakistan has been greatly encouraged by the government with the concept of reducing the trade deficits and to promote environmental friendly green fuel to safeguard the country and the gift to the nation against hazardous smoke emitting public and private transports, he said adding that keeping the above multiple benefits of this mega revenue generating industry, we request the President, Prime Minister and Petroleum Minister to intervene in this issue and issue necessary instructions to the concerned officials to formulate long-term policies for CNG sector to safeguard the interest of this industry which is a major source of economic fuel for the masses.