The PPP and its allied clique of double-speaking wealth-mongers and power-seekers (MQM, ANP, JUI) do protest too much about being tainted unfairly with charges of corruption. They must realize, though, that people have a very good idea of who among our political class is corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and enemy of the poor. By shouting down corruption allegations of various international organizations, they befool only themselves and none else. The fact that Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen actually owns a bank and had connections with the stock market top-notchers that ruined the small investor in the 2005 crash tells you what the future holds for us. The report of Justice Saleem must be released so that we know who played what role in other mega scams like that of the cement & auto industry cartels, Pakistan Steel Mill and PIA etc. Unless the corrupt ones bring back hundreds of billions they have deposited abroad, the nation would not be satisfied. -K. B. LEGHARI, Quetta, September 30.