PRIME Minister Gilani has once more revealed a rather confused mind, especially in the context of national issues. He has declared that it was premature to take the issue of the Kerry Lugar Bill to the Parliament. This is absurd because if anything it is already late in that an early discussion of this Bill, with the debilitating conditionalities, would have reinforced the Pakistani leadership's position to seek their retraction before the Bill became law. In other words, backed by parliamentary support, the government could have told the US Congress and the Obama Administration that the Parliament was not prepared to accept the intrusive and destabilizing conditionalities. Therefore, if the US wanted to continue to seek Pakistan's support in the "war on terror" it would have to remove these conditionalities. Now that does not be possible. In any event, contrary to what the Prime Minister has stated, it is high time the bill was put before parliament, if the government is serious about bolstering the democratic process. Look at the case of India where a most beneficial nuclear agreement with the US was still tabled in parliament and the US was confronted with the possibility that the Indian parliament would reject the Agreement on which they had conceded so much to India. If the Pakistan Parliament were to discuss this Bill and conclude that the conditionalities were unacceptable, it would not only send a clear message to the US that it needs to renegotiate its cooperation with us on more equitable terms, it would also provide the government with political weightage to stand up more firmly to the US Congress and the Obama Administration. Nor is Gilani confused only on this point. He has also once again referred to "a foreign hand" in the sectarian violence in Gilgit. Having used this refrain so often, surely it is incumbent on Gilani to inform the nation as to who these foreign hands actually are. We should know who our enemies are and deal with the threat accordingly. Finally, Gilani has used the security threat mantra to support the Punjab government by admitting that it was the Centre that pointed out the security threat to the Sharifs and so spearheaded the bye polls postponement again. However, the PM should have known not to comment on this issue which is sub judice. His comment could be a case of contempt of court. Additionally, it could also be taken as interference in the judiciary. It is time for Gilani to clear the cobwebs from his head. These are proving costly to the nation as well as damaging to state institutions.