ISLAMABAD - Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, Thursday announced observation of October 9 as 'Balochistan Rights Day to show solidarity with the people of Balochistan. Addressing a press conference, Imran Khan expressed his grave concern over the deteriorating situation in the Balochistan. The people of the Balochistan, he said, were always deprived of their rights. He said the sense of deprivation is growing among the people of the area. To a question, Imran Khan said that he would visit Balochistan and meet with the people of the deprived province. Imran Khan added that the incumbent government should take necessary measures to remove the sense of deprivation of the people of Balochistan, as the worsening situation could lead to disaster. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf would observe the 'Balochistan Rights Day with full commitment, he added. He also termed the conditionalities in the Kerry-Lugar Bill as tantamount to losing the countrys sovereignty, saying that the PPP-led coalition government totally vanished the hopes of the people. We are losing sovereignty with each passing day, he said, adding that only Pakistan is accepting such conditionalities as no other country would accept these terms. He further said that the bill is simply a compromise on national sovereignty in lieu of dollars. This bill, he said, would facilitate bigwigs to meet the expenses of their recurrent foreign trips and it would put more burden on the poor. He also suggested that the present government should decrease their luxuries instead of depending on foreign aid. When asked to comment on the statement of US Ambassador Ann W. Peterson regarding the presence of Al-Qaeda leadership in Balochistan, he said that on what basis are the US diplomats issuing such a statement without any solid proof? To another question, PTI Chief called former President Pervez Musharraf as 'Meer Jaffer, saying that he sold national interests on a single telephone call just to appease America. He also termed the present government as being burdened with a slave mentality and as one of the worst in the countrys history. Imran Khan added that the present government has outnumbered the previous dictatorial regime in following dictation from Washington and turned a blind eye to the excessive intervention of United States in Pakistans internal affairs. To a question about the activities of Blackwater, he termed it as shameful for the government and a sheer violation of the constitution. He said that they are free to do as they please, at will and have hired houses in the urban centres and turned them into fortresses. To yet another question, Imran Khan said that the opposition parties in the National Assembly (NA) are not playing their due role. He said that only MNA Faisal Saleh Hayat raised the issue of Rental Power Plants, and stressed the need for an active role of the opposition on different issues concerning the masses. He said that there was no need to abolish NAB and it should be made independent. To a question, Imran Khan said that by-elections should be held as announced and added that they were waiting for the court verdict and would unfold their strategy accordingly.