NEW YORK - Human Rights Watch, a New York-based watchdog body, slammed the United States and European Union for failing to endorse a UN report on Israels offensive in Gaza. The failure of the United States and EU to endorse the report on the Israeli military offensive in Gaza shows war violations will be treated with kid gloves, the HRW report published, the other day, said. The US effort to dismiss the Goldstone report was downright shameful for an administration that claims to promote the rule of law and accountability for war crimes, Juliette de Rivero, Geneva director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement. It was also deeply disappointing that key EU governments did not seize this valuable opportunity to demand justice for victims on both sides of the conflict. The reports detailed findings and its careful recommendations deserve support, not dismissal and silence. South African Judge Richard Goldstone presented his report on the conflict in Gaza to the United Nations Human Rights Council Tuesday. Goldstone, HRW said, demanded the reports recommendations be endorsed, including those designed to ensure accountability for serious violations of the laws of war during the Gaza conflict by involving the stature and the clout of the UN Security Council, the report said. The human rights group said while the United States called the report unbalanced, and deeply flawed, it failed to provide facts to support its stand. HRW noted the Swedish ambassador on behalf of the European Union recognized the seriousness of the report but also failed to endorse its conclusions. Other European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany withheld comment, the rights group said.