An old proverb says, "Money makes the mare go round". The ruling coalition has many mares in its stable (and some horses bought in horse-trading). So every Tom, Dick and Harry of the ruling coalition, while speaking in the TV talk shows, justifies the money and perks they get from the national exchequer by sucking the blood of poor citizens. But while the Jiyalas are enjoying, people of Pakistan are dying. Jiyalas are singing the eulogies of Zardari, Benazir, Bilawal and Bhutto while Pakistanis have neither atta, nor sugar. Nor do they have electricity or petrol. If our rulers believe in Allah and the Day of Judgement, I wonder what face they will show to Him. Don't they remember what our second Caliph Hazrat Umar had once said, "Even if a dog dies of hunger or thirst on the bank of river Euphrates, I am accountable". In the eyes of present rulers, I think we, the people of Pakistan, are no better than even the dogs in their realm. -ARSALAN ALI ZAIDI, Taxila, October 2.