This is regarding the letter in The Nation of September 21, 2009 regarding Maulana Moudoodi's trial in the Ayub Khan era. The late Syed Moudoodi did not make any declaration about the army personnel martyred during the 1965 war with India not being 'shaheeds'; that is a brazen lie. Nor was he tried in any civil or military court set up by Ayub Khan for this so-called 'offence' and awarded death penalty. That is a falsehood too. That Syed Moudoodi was an advocate of Wahabism (whatever the ignoramuses may mean by that epithet) is yet another baseless accusation. One wonders what made Saudi Arabia look with favour at Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and Musharraf et al. Were they all champions of Wahabism too? -M. ZUBAIR FAROOQUI, Lahore, September 30.