Pakistans ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani on Thursday said ideally the U.S. assistance for his country should have no strings attached to it but observed that Islamabad can live with the certifications as they will not affect the flow of economic aid. He also noted that the multi-year commitment demonstrates increasing realization in Washington on forging a long-term relationship and building mutual trust. These condition do not subvert Pakistans national interests as Pakistan is already committeed to these policies, he told newsmen while reaffirming Islamabads commitment to nuclear non-proliferation, fight against terrorism and stopping anybody from misusing its soil for terrorist activities against other countries. The diplomat said it is unprecdented that both chambers have unanimously approved the bill - it shows that U.S. recognizes the need and importance of fostering long-term relaionship with Pakistan. The Pakistani diplomatic efforts in Washington, he said, are aimed at defending Pakistans intrests and ensuring continued flow of economic and military assistance into Pakistan. The envoy said the Pakistani organizations will be preferred over foreign organizations for use of the aid under the legislation. Contrastingly with general impression, he pointed, the Bill has authorized only $ 40 million for administrative, monitoring and auditing purposes every year. Asked about some doubts harbored by some people in both countries, Haqqani said: There are doubts on both sides and there is a desire to overcome the doubts and differences that have plagued the relationship and as Pakistani ambassador in Washington, I am striving to achieve the same. Haqqani said he is alive to the concerns of fellow Pakistanis but pointed out that the certification requirements are not related to military assistance like Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund, foreign military financing, and military training programs Besides, he said, the Kerry Lugar measure triggers no automatic sanctions. In fact, this is the first time since 1980 that a U.S. aid packaage has been authorized for Pakistan with no automatic sanctions trigger. The diplomat told the media that the language of the Bill is far less prescriptive and stringent than the original version. Specific references to India as well as AQ Khan have been eliminated. There is a waiver for almost every condition. Besides, the Bill requires a waiver from the Secretary of State and not from the President as was proposed is the House version.