ISLAMABAD Another exhibition of Iqbal Hussain from Lahore was opened here on Thursday, with his emotive portrayals of courtesans private lives and their feelings of solitude, at Tanzara Gallery. As he is already renowned not only as an artist but also as a recorder of the lives of the courtesans of Lahore through his paintings, both at home and abroad, courtesans society in Lahore, in the current exhibition he has provided the viewer with an opportunity to look at the extremely private lives of these women. In a way he is trying to put a question mark on the society that seldom bothers about such women who have been compelled to opt for what is known as the worlds oldest profession, in order to earn their livelihood through generations. He proudly narrated his background as a child hailing from a family that is otherwise condemned in the society of so-called 'poised people. Now my daughter is in Toronto, Canada as a highly respectable member of the society, he said with his eyes shining with well-deserved pride. To a question, he said, there are formal marriages in the courtesans community but most of them hardly stay intact and end up in divorce. The kids, especially the males of our society are without any sense of responsibility given the typical background, he said in a bid to explain the community dilemmas. We are deprived of any adequate schooling due to a variety of reasons, he said and added if some boy gets admission to a reputed institutional organisation it is very difficult for him to stay resilient to the wrath of the society. Therefore, hardly some lucky ones or hard workers like me get through the maze of becoming part of mainstream society. In his pictures, he does not complain about the societal exploitations; rather he just presents those expressive faces of the courtesans as hidden faade of the society itself. Through the colour and expressions one can see an unnerving calmness in these women, reflecting a weariness and an acceptability of their fate.