KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Information, Shazia Marri, has said Karo-Kari is a cruel act under all religious, moral and legal provisions and it is high time to work on war footing to eradicate this evil from the society. Addressing as a chief guest at Prevention of karo-kari Project organised by UNDP in collaboration of Sindh Police at Central Police Office here on Thursday. The minister said that karo-kari had nothing to do with Sindhi culture, rather it was related to the people who had violent tendency against innocent men and women and due to their ill approach this evil has penetrated in our society. She further said, The time has come to bring changes in mindset of the society and unless and untill drastic changes occur, we cannot get rid of this menace. She said that such types of workshop would help reduce the problems and the officials concerned would be able to analyse the causes. She said that it was the duty of police to create its confidence among general public so that the victims would contact police in case of emergency. She added that the media should also play positive role to combat the situation. She said that the effective role and timely action of police could be helpful in solving the social evils and it would improve the relations between police and masses. The minister advised the police to work according to the wishes of the people in democratic government. She said that Islam had given comprehensive rights to the women and the society should follow these rights, adding that harassing the women was a punishable crime. She said that international forces were supporting democratic government in Pakistan and they were proud to help the government.