According to press report, the PML-N has strongly opposed the privatization of House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) 'at a throwaway price'. May I remind them that the Nawaz Sharif government of the 1990s had sold Muslim Commercial Bank for only Rs. 580 million, which as the leading bank of Pakistan has today generated a pre-tax profit of Rs. 8 billions for its shareholders. Unfortunately, Pakistan is neither fully adopting the free market Capitalism nor Socialism. The present government has failed to curb corruption or improve management of the state-owned manufacturing industries or the service sector corporations that are suffering huge losses, strapping heavy burden on the national exchequer in the process. It is time the government showed a clear-cut policy vision on the economy. If the government does not intend to privatize anymore of our national assets, it should wind up the Ministry of Privatization, which is rendering no service to the nation. Why spend millions of the taxpayer on something that is of no use? A number of government ministries, corporations and support organizations, having no economic justification, exist at present and are working at the centre or over-lapping in the provinces. They are simply functioning the way government departments function--with out justification, use or profit. They should either be closed down or be handed over to professional management the way privately-owned industries and banks are managed by highly-paid professionals who generate profit every year to justify their salaries & benefits. -ENGR. S. T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, September 30.