LOS ANGELES-Nicolas Cage was ‘’shocked’’ by the end of his marriage to Alice Kim but has no hard feelings towards his estranged wife. The 54-year-old actor split from his third spouse - the mother of his 13-year-old son Kal-El - in January 2016 shortly before he started shooting his latest movie ‘Mandy’ and though he wasn’t expecting their relationship to end, he doesn’t have any ‘’ill will’’ towards his estranged spouse.

He said: ‘’It was a shocker for me - I definitely didn’t see it coming, and those feelings had to go somewhere, so they went into the performance.’’ Asked if he and Alice are still friends, he added to The Guardian newspaper: ‘’Oh yes, I want to. She was quite young when I married her and I don’t really have any ill will towards what happened. That’s all I’ll say.

‘’And now it’s like, wow, I’m 54 and I’m single again - I didn’t see that coming! It’s pretty grim.’’

And the ‘Con Air’ star has ruled out trying a dating app like Tinder to find love again.

He said: ‘’No, definitely not. I’m not on social media, but everyone else is so I’m like, well, what do I do?’’

Before marrying Alice, Nicolas - who also has son Weston, 27, with former partner Christina Fulton - was previously wed to Lisa Marie Presley for several months in 2002 and Patricia Arquette from 1995 to 2001 but he doesn’t ‘’count’’ their marriages as real.

He said: ‘’I don’t really count those two marriages, I don’t think they belong on my record. The real marriage for me was the 14 years I had with Alice and the child we have together.’’

The ‘Wild at Heart’ actor - who is still friends with Lisa Marie but hasn’t spoken to Patricia ‘’in a long time’’ - admitted his work can make relationships difficult.

He said: ‘’I hadn’t really thought of it like that. But it’s true, you have to shut it off when you go home and I have a life - well, had a life ...

‘’Well, I meant when I was married, coming home to that at night. But, yes, maybe it’s hard for people to be around.’’